2013 Lumpy Waters Symposium wrap-up

Coast Life. Photo by Malcolm Kelly

We are happy to report that the 5th Annual Lumpy Waters Symposium was once again a great success!  We couldn’t have done it alone.

First, we’d like to thank all of the participants.  Lumpy Waters is a testament to the strength of our paddling community.  Without the support of paddlers who are enthusiastic about improving their skill and sharing their knowledge and experiences with other paddlers, our sport could not grow or progress.  Thank you, paddlers, for supporting your community and making events like Lumpy Waters possible!

Next up, the coaches!  Like the participants, the coaches at Lumpy came from near and far.  Some of them are favorite familiar faces from the Alder Creek coaching staff while others came from as far away as South Africa!  Chasing their passion for sharing and strengthening the paddlesports community, it is their commitment to world-class coaching that highlights our growth and facilitates powerful learning experiences.

Let’s not forget about the vendors that sponsor this event!  Their expertise ensures that we get the right gear for the job.  They provide premium products that we can rely on to keep us safe.  Thanks to our vendors, we can define our limits by our skill, not our equipment.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the beer they brought us!

Last, but certainly not least: Dave Slover, Suzi Elle, and Paul Kuthe.  These are the folks that spend the whole year organizing EVERYTHING.  Without their coordination and patience, we’d be lucky to have a pile of boats, not to mention a multitude of classes that appeal to 100 individuals’ learning needs.  Five years running, Paul, Dave, and Suzi will not settle for the status-quo.  Every nuance is an opportunity to improve the program and experience.  Their passion for the paddlesports community drives them to deliver the best event feasibly possible.

Check out the list below to see some of the folks who stepped up to support this sport, this event, this opportunity.  Camaraderie, discovery, beer, making new friends, sharing, challenging yourself, memories…  It’s just what happens at a Lumpy Waters Symposium.  


If you missed the action this year, check out the official 2013 Lumpy Waters video HERE.  Then check out a snippet of the coaches’ play day after the event HERE.

Team Out of Sight, Out of Mind wrote about the event on their blog HERE.  Helen Wilson did a write-up HERE as well!  Check it out!

Jeff and Cate with Liquid Fusion Kayaking
Shawna and Leon with Body Boat Blade International
Danny with Werner Paddles
Helen with Greenland or Bust
Jamie with P&H
Jenn with Aqua Adventures
Mark with Columbia River Kayak
Matt and Sean with GGSKS
Rob A with Valley
Rowan with The Hurricane Riders
Kim with Sunrise Mountain Sports
Roger with Eskape Sea Kayaking


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