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2016 Lumpy Waters Sea Kayak Symposium

Posted on: October 19th, 2016 by andrew1
2016 Lumpy Waters Sea Kayak Symposium

Lumpy Waters

Alder Creek’s 2016 Lumpy Waters Sea Kayak Symposium was a great success!

A huge thanks go out to our participants and coaches for traveling far and wide to Pacific City, OR this year!  This Lumpy might have been our best yet.  Of course we have to thank our incredible sponsors for their support as well!

Check out photos HERE and the event video below!  (Huge shout out to Brent Williamson of Raging River Pictures for his excellent work on the video!)

And feel free to reach out to our sponsors on social media and thank them for their support!

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Labor Day Sale

Posted on: July 6th, 2016 by dslover


In honor of Labor Day, we’d like to celebrate your “Work Hard, Play Hard” style with some special discounts!


We got a few extra boats in stock, come take advantage of our Labor Day Sale!


PNA/BCU Week – Trainings and Assessments

Posted on: June 30th, 2016 by andrew1

PNA Week 2016 is September 23 to October 6

PNA Week 2016

We offer 1 star to 4 star BCU training and assessments, Foundation Safety & Rescue Training andNavigation and Tidal Planning courses, and are currently the only Whitewater Safety & Rescue Provider in North America.  Many great coaches get their start during our popular coach training and education courses.  We also run PNA “Week” each October where you can combine a number of trainings and assessments over a couple weeks while paddling along the beautiful Oregon rivers and coast.

People choose to pursue BCU training and the Star Awards for a variety of reasons. They include the desire to gauge one’s level of paddling skills, the ability to adequately judge a person’s capacity to take on a given journey and the recognition of the human need to constantly challenge and improve ourselves. Our goal is to provide the tools for long term paddler development. The BCU Star awards: Training, Practice, Assessment and then on to the next level.

Click the banner above, or click HERE to register and view course listings for personal skill development as well as coaching certification!

San Juan: Strawberry Island Campground Closed

Posted on: June 19th, 2009 by admin
Subject: Strawberry Island Campground Closed
Importance: High
Washington State Department of Natural Resources Strawberry Island Campground CLOSED
Effective Thursday June 18, 2009
The national economic downturn and recent budget cuts have forced DNR to reduce staff, reduce expenses and make some painful decisions that include some recreation sites.  The public will be impacted by reduced services to and closures of some of our existing recreation facilities.
While we have not made all of the decisions regarding recreation sites, the decision has been made to permanently close the campground facilities at Strawberry Island — effective this afternoon. Limited funds to do the closure work were available to us only during June. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 
If you have recreation plans in the area, please visit either Pelican Beach or Cypress Head on Cypress Island, or nearby State Parks.
Please stay tuned over the next several weeks for additional information. 
If you have questions please do not hesitate to e-mail or call
(360) 856-3500.
Candace Johnson
Assistant Region Manager, State Lands
Northwest Region
Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Sea Kayaking and Camping in the San Juan Islands

Posted on: March 26th, 2009 by admin


By Shawn Altman – Alder Creek Staff

As the days start to get longer, just a tad nicer, I find myself waking up wishing I was inside a tent. Six months have passed and I already miss the salty air, beaches made of perfectly shaped skipping stones, and the chance sighting of an orca whale. The San Juan Islands hold a new place in my heart after moving here from Bar Harbor , Maine. Bar Harbor and the San Juan Islands are listed in the top ten places to kayak in the USA, but I would say they are so far my two favorite places.

Cypress Island

Cypress Island

Shawn McClure – Tow Head Island near Pelican Beach at Sunset

What I enjoy the most about camping out on the beach is just being away from the city, cooking over an open fire, and exploring by water each day. Each time I go Sea Kayak Camping with Alder Creek kayak & Canoe the groups are fantastic, willing to make the most out of each day, but also looking to relax on the beach.

Pelican Beach Camp

Pelican Beach Camp

San Juan Group Sept. 08′ – Hanging out a Camp

Since we camp out at Pelican Beach – on Cypress Island –there are hiking trails that lead to a cliff face looking over the east side of Orcas Island and Rosario Straits. What An amazing view at Sunset.

Cypress Island Sunset

Cypress Island Sunset

San Juan Group Sept. 08′ – Sunset on Eagle Cliff

Paddling during the Day is wonderful but paddling at night is something not to miss. The days tend to be warm, the water is cool, and the views are spectacular. I would say that my favorite section to paddle is heading from pelican beach to Toe Head Island and then south to Strawberry Island. Wonderful section as we paddle under large cliff faces.

Paddling around rocks Cypress Island

Paddling around rocks Cypress Island

San Juan Group Sept. 08′ – Heading to Strawberry Island

Even with the tidal current we can use the shore to have a relaxing paddle and search for porpoise, eagles, nesting falcons, and a mix of other water fowl.

The night time paddling is just amazing! The bio luminescence is something that you will never forget if you have never paddled in it. I was telling a few of our guest about the chance to paddle at night. They just looked at me like “yeah, sure… probably just really dark”. Well, the dark part was correct, but they didn’t plan on the water glowing with every stroke, splash, and ripple. We tossed water across our spray skirts and watched the ocean water sparkle like the Milky Way was in our hands. We could see glowing fish zipping under our boats, eddy lines sparkling, and the reflection of the stars in the water. This is truly hard to forget from the view of a kayak. With all this in my mind I am excited to get back to the ocean and re-visit the charm of the San Juan Islands.

Group resting on West side of Cypress