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Tiderace Vortex Poly Sea Kayak
Tiderace Vortex Poly Sea Kayak
  • Tiderace Vortex Poly Sea Kayak

  • $1999.00
  • The Tiderace Vortex kayak is the first Tiderace kayak made from Polyethelene. The Vortex is designed for "play at sea". It has a fairly flat hull and significant rocker which make this kayak playful, but still capable of keeping up on an overnight trip. The Vortex performs like none other in rough water, surf and rock gardening
  • Specs:

    • Length: 16'
    • Width: 21"
    • Cockpit size: 30 1/2" long, 16 1/2" wide
    • Depth: 12" at front of cockpit

    Design features of the Tiderace Vortex Kayak:

    • Hull Shape: Almost Flat - with two speed  rails through the cockpit section to add stiffness to the flat area of the hull.
    • Rocker: Significant - Stern - 2.75 inches, Bow - 3.25 inches
    • Stability: Moderate at 21 inches wide
    • Paddler weight: Best fit 150 to 200 lb paddlers. 
    • Keyhole Cockpit
    • Hull Speed: Moderate, but still capable
    • Form: Fish - Wide point forward of center
    • Hatches: 4 Kajak Sport  - 10" Stern and Bow, 8" day and 61/2" foredeck. Glued and screwed rims.
    • Bulkheads: 2" thick high density foam 

    The Tiderace Vortex is all about having fun in waves and rock gardens. The flat hull is quick to get up and go on waves yet the plastic hull is reassuring when poking around rocks.The Vortex design is taken from the Tiderace Xtra series of composite boats. The fit is very similar and the outfitting is all Tiderace. The look and feel and fit is very similar to the Xtra. The Vortex can function as an all round sea kayak as it will get in and out of tight spots, surf wind or shore waves and keep up on longer tours.


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