Kokatat Gore-Tex Front Entry Drysuit w/ Drop Seat & Socks - Women's
Kokatat Gore-Tex Front Entry Drysuit w/ Drop Seat & Socks - Women'sKokatat Gore-Tex Front Entry Drysuit w/ Drop Seat & Socks - Women's
  • Kokatat Gore-Tex Front Entry Drysuit w/ Drop Seat & Socks - Women's

  • $1,005.00
  • Extensive use of articulated patterning and years of production experience and testing make the Kokatat GORE-TEX® Front Entry dry suit one of our most popular for water sport enthusiasts. All Kokatat women’s dry suits are designed from the ground up to accommodate women's different proportions. Used with the appropriate insulation pieces, the Women's GORE-TEX® Front Entry dry suit with drop seat and GORE-TEX® socks will keep you warm, dry and comfortable even in the most rugged conditions.
  • Features:

    • Durably waterproof GORE-TEX® Pro Shell
    • Evolution 3.21 oz. nylon 3-layer GORE-TEX®
    • Latex gaskets with protective neoprene collar and cuffs
    • Competition cut underarm
    • Metal tooth, waterproof Optiseal zippers
    • Cordura® seat and knee patches, self-draining
    • Self-draining chest pocket with “hook & loop”closure and key lanyard
    • Factory sealed seams
    • Relief zipper
    • GORE-TEX® socks
    • Women's cut
    • Convenient Drop Seat Relief Zipper

    Check Out the Gizmo for custom colors and sizes!

    What makes a Goretex Kokatat drysuit special? These suits are constructed in Arcata, California, USA to the highest standards of quality. All suits are leak tested before leaving the factory, and if there ever is an issue the drysuit can be easily returned for repair. Evolution 3.21 Goretex is waterproof, windproof, and still breaths. This is achieved via 3 layer fabric with a central membrane with over 9 billion pores per square inch. The pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. The fabric also meets standards for windproofness by letting less tha 1 cfm of air pass through a square foot of fabric. Add in 100% seam sealing and a water shedding durable water repellent finish, and you have the ultimate garment for cold water paddling.

    When should you wear a Kokatat Goretex Drysuit? Here in the Pacific Northwest, drysuits are appropriate for 9 to 10 months out of the year. During the winter, it's not uncommon to go paddling on a 30 to 40 degree day, with water temperatures as low as the mid 30's. However, winter isn't the only time where a drysuit is necessary. As a loose reference, we employ the rule of 120 degrees. If the water temperature and air temperature add up to less than 120 degrees, you should be wearing immersion gear. In spring and fall, we commonly see air temperatures in the 60's, water temps around 50 degrees and colder, in which case a drysuit is still advisable. When the combined temperature just above 120 degrees, but still below 150, a neoprene layer on your torso and legs or a Kokatat Goretex drytop will suffice. Only for the few summer months do we get 60 to 70 degree water temps and air temps up to 100 degrees, which is safe and comfortable swimsuit weather. 

    Should I but a Kokatat Front Entry or Meridian Drysuit? If you paddle in rough water (sea or river), wear a neoprene sprayskirt, and/or know how to roll, then a Meridian is the perfect choice. The Meridian features a spray skirt cuff, which really helps keep your boat dry. If you are a casual paddler, SUP'r, inflatable kayaker, or interested in any calm water paddle sports, save yourself the money and get a Gore-Tex Front Entry Suit

    Custom suit or stock suit, which way do I go? Check out the sizing chart, or better yet come into the store and try on actual suit. You'll save some money if you can fit in a stock suit, but if any measurement is slightly too small, the suit will be very restrictive. Slightly too large is not a bad thing at all, as it will allow you too wear layers underneath. If you don't fit any stock sizes, use the Gizmo and get the perfect suit. When you are spending around $1000 for a piece of gear, it's worth taking the time to get the right fit.

     S (6-8)M (10-12)L (14-16)XL short (18-20)XL (18-20)
    Height5' - 5'4"5'4"- 5'8"5'6" - 6'5'4"- 5'8"5'6" - 6'
    Neck gasketSLLLL
    Wrist gasketSSLLL
    Ankle gasket1 size1 size1 size1 size1 size
    Built In socksSSS-S

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