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SUP Yoga

Begin on land before heading to the water for a tour around the cove. Once you feel at ease we work through a series of traditional poses engaging your core and testing your balance! No prior yoga and SUP experience required Ages 14+  Tuesday 6-8 pm and Saturday 9-11 am $45 w/board, $20 with own board

Basic Skills Stand Up Paddle Class

This class establishes the foundation that all paddlers need. In the classroom, we discuss paddling safely, local destinations and equipment. On the water, we introduce the paddle strokes needed to efficiently move a kayak through water. Sundays  10 am to 1 pm.     $59

Basic Skills Kayak

This class establishes the foundation that all paddlers need. Begin by discussing paddling safely, local destinations and equipment. In the water, we introduce the basic paddle strokes needed to move a kayak. Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm     $69

Basic Canoe Skills

Begin by discussing equipment needs and safety. In the water, learn proper techniques for launching, landing, paddle strokes, and boat maneuvers.  10 am – 1 pm

Sat 5/2  Sun 6/7  Sat 7/4  Sun 8/2  Sat 9/5      $50

Ross Island Tour

Leave from the Boat House dock along the Eastside Esplanade near SE Water and Clay and explore the backwaters of the Willamette River.  10 am – 1 pm

Sun 5/3  Sat 6/6   Sun 7/5   Sat 8/15       $39

Kids Paddle Power Camp at Tryon Park

Learn paddling safety, maneuvering, bracing, rescues, hydrology and more! Monday through Thursday, the kids explore and paddle SUP boards, canoes, and kayaks. Friday is parent day, and we invite you to come out and enjoy paddling as a family.  Ages 10-14   9 am – 4 pm  M-F  8/17-8/21   $349


Tryon Cove Park Rentals – Lake Oswego 

Weekends in May &  September 10 am to 6 pm

7 days per week Memorial Day to Labor Day 10 am to 6 pm

14110 Stampher Rd. Lake Oswego


We also offer rentals at Tryon Cove

Single Kayaks, or SUP’s

2 hour rental $29

½ day rental $39

1 day rental (24 hours) $60

Double Kayaks or Canoes 

2 hour rental $39

½ Day rental $49

1 day rental (24 hours) $70