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Choosing The Right PFD For You – Feel Comfortable & Safe

Not sure how to choose the right PFD?  Here’s a simple walk-through to highlight some PFD features and their purposes!


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Eddyline Kayaks

Eddyline Kayaks

Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe has a full line of Eddyline Kayaks to demo. Our Eddyline Kayaks demo fleet includes these recreational kayaks: Sky 10, Sandpiper, Rio, Skylark, Equinox. These Sit on Top Kayaks: Caribbean 12, Carribbean 14 and C-135. We have these touring kayaks: Samba, Denali, Journey, Raven, Fathom and Fathom LV. We also have these tandem kayaks: Whisper CL and Shasta.

This fleet is available to test paddle at our Jantzen Beach location: 200 NE Tomahawk Isl Dr, Portland OR 97217 Our shop is  on the North Portland Harbor of the Columbia River. The water is right behind our building. We can have you out kayaking 7 days a week in just a couple minutes. When it comes to deciding on the right kayak there is no better way to decide than spending a few minutes (or a few hours) test paddling.

Call to make a demo reservation: 503.285.0464

We stock most of the fleet for sale but if we do not have the color or model in stock you desire our close proximity to the factory makes getting you the correct Eddyline Kayak a snap. Most of the year we can have your boat delivered to our shop within 2 weeks form the date of order.

What makes an Eddyline kayak special? They are light in weight, pretty to look at, comfortable to sit in  kayaks that have been designed to paddle efficiently. Each boat is a “best in class” design matching the desired use to the paddler who is targeted to that boat. Come try out an Eddyline Kayak at Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe today!

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Check out Eddyline Kayaks Skylark. The top selling 12′ thermoformed kayak.


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Check Out Eddyline Kayaks Denali. This is a very comfortable kayak for the larger paddler.\


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Check Out Eddyline Kayaks Samba. A very light full performance touring kayak for a smaller paddler.


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Check out Eddyline Kayaks Caribbean 12. A light and full featured Sit On Top Kayak.

Steve is in New Zealand; Part 1

It’s the first week of my family’s vacation in New Zealand. In a month we’ll be covering most of both islands. This last week while visiting family friends on the North Island, I got the chance to tag along on a whitewater rafting trip down the Rangitikei River. There were over 30 other young people piled into 6 rafts and myself in an inflatable kayak as well as the safety boaters/photographers. Before loading up, I learned that the water had been exceptionally low but rising quickly because of heavy rainfall the night before. By the time we were on the water the levels had raised to a great flow.

The section of river ran was about 6 miles of steep canyon walls with large smooth boulders to navigate around. It reminded me of a more scenic version of the Lower Wind River with endless technical moves and ledges to drop. The upper section was a relatively mild warm up of forgiving class III moves. The lower was a bit spicier with a good drop and speedy chutes. I had plenty of boat to move by solo piloting a tandem IK! I would have preferred to be in a hard shell kayak but It was good to error on the side of caution considering it was a river I had never paddled with people I had just met.

Over all it was an absolute blast. New Zealand is an endless haven for whitewater paddlers, and this river left me just as awe-struck as ever. I caught a little footage on the way down and spliced it together, so please have a look considering my words can’t do this place justice. I’m looking forward to another run down this river with some new friends when I’m on the North Island again in a couple weeks.

In the meantime, as one of the guides said, “I’ll be back paddling”.


5th Annual Lumpy Waters Symposium 2013 coaches’ play day

After an excellent weekend of saltwater fun and instruction at the 5th Annual Lumpy Waters Symposium, many of the coaches stuck around to do some playing of their own.  And the waves were WAY more powerful.  Check out Chris Bensch’s sweet edit below!

5th Annual Lumpy Waters Symposium 2013 event video


Thanks to White Sea Magazine for this excellent edit of the 2013 Lumpy Waters Symposium!  Of course a great thanks goes to the folks that make this possible: all of the wonderful participants and coaches that travel to our fair coast!  And a most sincere thank you to Paul Kuthe, Dave Slover, and Suzi Elle for their exquisite organization of this incredible event.

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Paddle with the Pros; a Demshitz clinic

The Demshitz crew rallied on the White Salmon River this summer with the public to give tips on kayaking technique and shooting video!

This free clinic was held on the Middle section of the White Salmon, from BZ Corner to Husum Falls.  Paddlers got the opportunity to work on their boating skills along the way, and the Demshitz boaters gave tips about frame, angle, and content when making kayaking videos.  Check out a short video from their clinic HERE!

Steve Pilch paddles Husum Falls. Photo by Andrew Romanelli

Virtual Coach – Hand of God Rescue w/Paul Kuthe

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Paul Kuthe gives vital insight on the Hand of God Rescue

Kayak Crabbing

Kayak Crabbing.

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Watch Jason Self go kayak crabbing  on the Oregon coast. Check out the Crab Hawk here.

Lumpy Waters 2012

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The 2012 Lumpy Waters Symposium!

kayak surfing at the Oregon Coast

Kayak surfing with the Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe Staff off the Coast of Portland Oregon. If you are looking to learn how to Kayak surf, white water kayak, or tour in a sea kayak then let us take you there. Our instructors are ACA and BCU certified with passion and drive to teach.

Kayak surfing and waveski Oregon Coast


Tempest Sea Kayak by Wilderness Systems

The Wilderness Systems Tempest Sea Kayak is carried at Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe. Call us at 888.285.0465.

How to put on dry suit gaskets on your wrist and neck

Putting on a drysuit gasket should be done carefully. If you use force on the gasket you will tear an old gasket easier. Keep your gaskets lubed and treated to last longer.

Check out our drysuit selection!

Nigel Dennis Kayaks – NDK Explorer Sea Kayak

Nigel Dennis Sea Kayaks are built for rough kayak paddling on expedition. The NDK Explorer is known for a tough layup as a Fiberglass Sea Kayak.

Rafting on the Colorado River

Paul Kuthe Kate Ross of Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe Portland Oregon. 2008. Check with Paul K. for date 🙂

Rafting gear at Alder Creek