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25th Annual Fall SALE!

2016 Fall Sale

The 25th Annual Fall SALE

Part Deux!

Fall Sale 2016

Fall Sale 2016

SALES on new, in-stock gear start NOW!!!


Labor Day Sale


In honor of Labor Day, we’d like to celebrate your “Work Hard, Play Hard” style with some special discounts!


We got a few extra boats in stock, come take advantage of our Labor Day Sale!


2017 Spring SALE!

2017 Spring SALE!

Through May 2nd

Spring SALE v1


The 2017 Spring SALE is HERE!
Now’s the time to get your gear for the summer!  Stock up now and SAVE!


15% off all in-stock Kayaks, Canoes, SUP boards, and accessories!*

10% off Special Orders!*

Additional 10% off Red Tags!

Plus Special In-Store Savings!!!

*Excludes Sterling Kayaks.  2017 Jackson Kayaks receive 15% store-credit.


Used Stand-Up Paddle Boards starting at $399!


Boathouse Closing Sale

Portland Boathouse Closing Sale





Times are changing and we are growing and changing with them.  Alder Creek is closing the Boathouse location at the end of March.  A combination of factors including a lack of access to the Boathouse dock this summer and in-water environmental clean up project have contributed to this decision. The rest of our store operations will continue unchanged.  We are also adding exciting new locations this summer!

Our Flagship store at 200 NE Tomahawk Island Dr, Portland, OR 97217 is open 7 day a week for sales, rentals and tours.

In addition, we have 4 locations that provide seasonal rentals and tours:  Ridgefield, WA; Browns Ferry Park, Tualatin and our two new spots in Lake Oswego, Oregon – Tryon Cove and George Rogers Park.

The Boathouse location will be closing so Alder Creek can continue to grow and bring the joys of paddling to even more people in around the Portland area and beyond.

Final BH Sale

 Boathouse Sale!


1515 SE Water St, Portland OR 97214

11 am to 5 pm
March 25-27

Everything MUST GO!

Deals so good, we can’t even advertise them!!!

Here is a Press Release of the Boathouse Location closure.


Boats as of March 24:

Jackson Rogue 9
Jackson Rogue 10
Pyranha Burn III Md
Liquid Logic Remix XP10
Jackson Fun Runner 60
Jackson Fun
Jackson Karma Sm
Jackson Karma Md

Slingshot Crossfire 9
Stand On Liquid Sunset 12′
Bic Ace-Tec 10’6″
Bic Ace-Tec 11’6″

Feel Free Moken 12.5
Feel Free Lure 11.5
Jackson Cruise 10
Jackson Cruise 12
Hurricane Skimmer 140
Hurricane Skimmer 140 Tandem

New Wave Marvel 145 Tandem
New Wave Marvel 10
Hurricane Santee Sport 116
Hurricane Santee Sport 120
Hurricane Santee Sport 126
Current Designs Solara 120

Day Touring
P&H Scorpio LV
Hurricane Sojourn 135
Hurricane Sojourn  146
Hurricane Sojourn 146 LV
Jackson Journey 13.5
Jackson Journey 14
Venture Islay 12
Stellar S12 Advantage  (Fiberglass)
Current Designs Vision 120 SP  (Fiberglass)


Portland Boathouse Location Closing March 31, 2016


Newsletter Alder Creek

Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe is closing the Boathouse Location at 1515 SE Water Ave, Portland Oregon

Portland, March 1, 2016 – After a 12 year run Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe will close the Portland Boathouse location permanently as of March 31, 2016. All other locations to continue unaffected by this closure.

The Alder Creek flagship store at 200 NE Tomahawk Island Dr Portland, OR 97217 and our 4 Rental/Lesson/Tour locations in Ridgefield, WA; Tryon Cove and George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego and Browns Ferry Park in Tualatin continue to operate normally.

“There are two in-water projects that make operating in 2016 a challenge. The dock is being repaired in March and an in-water cleanup project in July & August will keep us off the water and unable to do rentals or tours at this location”  Dave Slover – Owner Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe

“While it’s a bummer to lose such a great spot so close to downtown it’s never been exactly what we needed down there. Inadequate parking, an increase in homeless camps and a long carry to the water are all issues at this location. “  Paul Kuthe – Programs Manager at Alder Creek.

Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe has been in business 30 years in the Portland area.  They continue to be an industry leader and the premiere kayak, canoe & stand up paddle store and paddling school in Oregon.

“Purely Paddlesports since 1986”

For Additional Information: Dave Slover 200 NE Tomahawk Isl DR Portland, OR 97217 503.285.0464

2015 Clearance Deals!

2015 Clearance Deals!

Fall Sale

Fall Sale

Fall Sale Specials!

Check out this list of in-store specials!
See something you like?  Call us at 503-285-0464 to check availability!!

***List updated November 25, 2015***

20% off EVERYTHING.*

Extra 10% off Red-Tags

*In-stock items only.  Excludes Jackson kayak, used and consignment gear.

***Please note, our inventory changes every day. Please call 503-285-0464 to confirm that sale items are still in stock***

New Whitewater Kayaks:

Jackson Karma Small $1199 $1019.15
Jackson Karma Medium $1199 $1019.15
Jackson Karma Large $1199 $1019.15
Jackson Karma RG $1299 $1104.15
Jackson Fun (2015) $1199 $1020
Jackson Zen Medium (2015) $1199 $1019.15
Jackson Zen Large (2015) $1199 $1019.15
Jackson Fun Runner 60 $1049 $799
Jackson Rockstar Large (2014) $1249 $999
Jackson Rogue 9 $1099 $899
Jackson Rogue 10 $1099 $899

New Recreational and Touring Kayaks:

Jackson Kraken $1799 $1399
Jackson Kilroy $1349 $1146
Jackson Tupelo 12.5 $899 $764.15
Jackson Cruise 12 $949 $806.65
Current Designs Tailfin $1299 $999
Current Designs Solara 120 $799 $699
Current Designs Solara 135 $999 $899
Current Designs Vision 120 $1999 $1299
New Wave Marvel 120 $799 $699
New Wave Marvel 145 Tandem $999 $899
Hurricane Skimmer 116 $999 $849
Hurricane Skimmer 140T $1349 $1146
Hurricane Skimmer 140 $1399 $1099
Hurricane Sojourn 126 $1249 $1124
Hurricane Sojourn 135 $1349 $1214
Hurricane Sojourn 146 $1499 $1349
Hurricane Sojourn 146 LV $1499 $1349
P&H Delphin 150 $1799 $1499

Used Boats:

Valley Gemini ST FG $2395 $2200
Feathercraft K-Light (Purple) $1000
Feathercraft K-Light (Red) $1000
Hydra Sea Runner $400
Paddling Perfection Excaliber $999
Seaward Quest $1500
NDK Triton Tandem $1750
Pyranha InaZone $295

New SUP Boards:

Stand On Liquid Native 12’6″ $1399 $1189 Red Tag!
Stand On Liquid Sunset Tour 12 $899 $799
Bic Ace-Tec Cross 11′ $1150 $975 Red Tag!
Slingshot Crossbreed 12’6″ $1699 $1199 Red Tag!

Used SUP Boards:

Slingshot Crossfire 11 $650 Red Tag!
Slingshot Crossfire 9’4″ $399
Bic Ace-Tec 11’6″ $650-675
Stand On Liquid Sunset Tour 12 $695 Red Tag!
Doyle Race/Tour $795 Red Tag!

New Gear:

IR Lucky Charm Spray Skirt $205 $175.25
IR Royal Spray Skirt $235 $149
IR Klingon Spray Skirt $190 $161.50
Kokatat Women’s Rogue Dry Top $449 $299
Stohlquist Women’s Freeryde Dry Top $329 $149
Stohlquist Women’s Freeplay Dry Top $349 $149
Stohlquist Women’s Amp Drysuit $829 $599
Stohlquist EZ Drysuit $729 $499
Astral Green Jacket PFD $249.95 $199
Astral Ronny Fisher PFD $159.95 $109
Astral Brewer Shoe $99 $79
Astral Brewess Shoe $99 $79
Five Ten Water Tennie $119.95 $89
Five Ten Canyoneer 3 Shoe $180 $149

Used Gear:

Saltwood Hustle Paddle (barely used!) $295
Saltwood Grasshopper Paddle (barely used!) $295
Suspenz Boat Rack $300

Used Sit-on-Tops and IKs:

Jackson Cruise 10 $499
Jackson Cruise 12 $549
Jackson Cuda 12 $749
Jackson Cuda 14 $749
Jackson Cuda LT $1249
Tributary Tomcat Tandem $499
Pyranha Fusion SOT $579
Eddyline Carribean 14 $1100
Wilderness Systems Ride 115 $675
Wave Witch Horizon $1500

Used Recreational Kayaks:

New Wave Marvel 100 $399
New Wave Marvel 120 $499
Folbot 1964 $300

Used Day Touring and Sea Kayaks:

Jackson Journey 13.5 $749
Jackson Journey 14 $749
Venture Islay 12 $649
Venture Islay 14 $999
Northshore Atlantic RM $1199
Northshore Polar HV $1499
Tiderace Vortex $999
Necky Eliza w/ Rudder $849
Necky Tahsis (FG) $1249
Necky Narpa $800
Necky Looksha $695
P&H Delphin 150 $425
P&H Hammer $999
Current Designs Sirocco $849
Current Designs Willow $1999
Current Designs Cypress $1999
Current Designs Infinity $1499
Current Designs Caribou $1999
Current Designs Isle $1999
Current Designs Equinox GT Kevlar $2099
Current Designs Vision 120 SP $1299
Eddyline Raven w/ Rudder (FG) $1200
Seaward Quest $1500
Hydra Sea Runner $400
Valley Gemini ST $2200
Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Pro $1399
Feathercraft K-Light (purple) $1000
Feathercraft K-Light (red) $1100
Paddling Perfection Excalibur $1000

Used Canoes and Tandem Kayaks:

Wenonah Kingfisher $1499
Wenonah Argosy w/ wood gunwales & floatbags $1599
Redbird 17’6″ woodstrip $3775
Manitou II $799
New Wave Marvel 145 T $599
Feathercraft K2 Expedition $1200
Seda 21′ Tandem $1500
Current Designs Unity $2099
NDK Triton $1750

Used Whitewater Kayaks:

Pyranha Shiva Large $649
Pyranha Fusion SOT $579
Pyranha Varun Lg
Pyranha InaZone $295
Jackson Fun Runner 60$549
Jackson Karma Small $649
Jackson 2015 Fun $699
Jackson Fun 1.5 $449
Jackson ’14 Rockstar Large $599
Jackson Rogue 10 $749
Liquid Logic Stomper 90 $695
Liquid Logic Remix XP10 $600
Liquid Logic Remix 69 $650
Liquid Logic Huck $200


September Community Events and Sales!

Hey there everyone,

         The crisp feel of Fall has been in the air the last few days.  Summer is slowly coming to an end, but the event calendar is just heating up!  For decades now, we have been supporting and organizing local paddling events of all kinds to promote the sport we all love and bring paddling into more people’s lives. 


We feature our events and those events organized by partners and clubs in our monthly E-Newsletter, but just in case you missed this month’s outstanding issue we have pulled a few of the many special events coming up to feature HERE for your convenience. Have a look!!  (You can also always check our community calendar at  anytime) 


For more info about upcoming courses and to read the newsletter just follow this link:  (Sept 2015 news)


Thanks and Happy Paddlin from the crew at Alder Creek!  J 

Purely Paddlesports Since 1986



24th Annual FALL SWAP n’ SALE   SEPT 26th-Oct 5th

It’s that time of year again!  We’re selling off our rental and demo fleet from the year!  We bring in boats from ALL 5 of our locations to the GIANT Warehouse on Jantzen Beach .  Find DEEP discounts on all types of Kayaks, Canoes, SUP boards, and gear!  The big shindig kicks off Saturday, Sept 26 with preview hour at 8am and boat sales at 9am.  NEW discounted boats and accessories are on sale NOW!!!  Come on up to Jantzen Beach and find yourself a bargain. 


Also, bring your old gear up and sell it at our parking lot swap n’ sale the morning of the 26th.   


SAVE THE DATE, and Stay Tuned for more details!!!

September 26, Fall Sale and Gear Swap!




West Coast BCU “Week”              October 3rd– 15th 2015

We have some of the very best paddlesport coaches from across the globe here in October for our annual event.  If you are looking to improve your skills, become a certified coach, or simply want to see where your personal skills stack up to international standards this is for YOU!   Courses are filling fast but we still have room in 3 Star Sea Training and assessment, Whitewater Safety & Rescue, and 3 Star Whitewater Training.  We also have room in both Coach 1 & Coach 2 programs at the event.  Take advantage of this world class coach education opportunity.  You won’t regret it. 



7th Annual Lumpy Waters Symposium               October 16-18, 2015

Lumpy is a three day celebration of dynamic water sea kayaking!  With coaching aimed at advanced beginners, early intermediates, and advanced level paddlers; “Lumpy” provides an unparalleled opportunity to improve your skills on the beautiful Oregon Coast . Top coaches come from all over the world, making Lumpy Waters the premiere instructional destination for dynamic ocean paddling.  Whitewater paddlers welcome!!!  SPACE IS VERY LIMITED



UP-River Film Premier as part of The Portland Eco-Film Fest  Sept 26th

A FREE film premier about YOUR river?!  Well, yeah!!!  Free dollars and thrifty cents is a price worth celebrating!  Alder Creek will also have FREE canoe, kayak, and SUP demos from 5-7pm!  Don’t miss out!


Film website:

Portland Ecofilm Festival website:

Facebook page:



Down the River Clean-Up and The GREAT Willamette River Clean UP

For all the fun, enjoyment, and enrichment the river gives us we should give back!  Make some time to take part in a little “Restoration Recreation” with We Love Clean Rivers and Willamette Riverkeeper this month by digging in and cleaning up.  We all want nice clean rivers, and THIS is your chance to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Check the sites above and volunteer now.  J 



Ridgefield Birdfest & Bluegrass Paddle Oct 3rd & 4th, 2015

Join the Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Staff as we celebrate the coming of fall and the wildlife that make the Refuge their home. BirdFest and Bluegrass is an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of fall migration.

Guided Interpretive Paddle Saturday (2 trips) 10:30 to 12:30 and 1:30 to 3:30. Sunday (2 trips) 10:30 to 12:30 and 1:30 to 3:30. Cost: $30. Youth free when accompanied by adult in a double kayak. Limit 40 people in each trip. All experience levels welcome. Single and double kayaks available. We welcome home the winter migration!



Les Voyageurs Without Trace – PORTLAND PREMIERE at OMSI    October 22nd, 2015

Alder Creek’s own Paul Kuthe (hey that’s me! 😉  and charming wife, Kate, star in this paddling film about the first kayak descent of the Green and Colorado Rivers by three French adventurers in 1938.  See footage from what may very well be the very first whitewater adventure film ever recorded.  They even had boat mounted cameras and filmed in color!  Save the date to experience their journey, and stay tuned for info about ticket availability!  Doors will open at 6:30, and the program will begin at 7:30 with music by Jenny Conlee of Portland band The Decemberists!


View a trailer and get more info about the film HERE!



Thanks for reading!!!  J

2015 Spring Sale

The 2015 Spring Sale starts NOW and ends May 4th!

Take advantage of this spring sale to gear up for the summer!  Not sure what you want yet?  Don’t miss the 23rd Annual Spring Paddle Festival!  Then stick around for the 3rd Annual Jantzen Beach Jamboree!

Save 10%:
Red Tagged items receive an extra 10% off!
Special Orders!
Jackson Kayak boats and accessories!

Save 15%:
All Kayaks, Canoes, SUP boards, and accessories!*

Sale specials apply to in-stock, full-price products, unless otherwise noted.
*Excludes Kokatat Idol drysuit

Be sure to check Alder Creek out on social media as well!
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest: @TeamAlderCreek

2015 Spring Sale

2015 Spring Sale is waiting for you!

While the getting is good…


While supplies last!!!  Take advantage of these spectacular offers from Alder Creek. Online or in store!


Feel Free Lure 11.5 fishing kayak $1149 $899
Current Designs Solara 120 Hybrid $1999 $1,399
Hurricane Excursion 128 $1249 $999
Hurricane Excursion 140 $1349 $1049
Hurricane Santee 116 $999 $849
P&H Cetus MV $3899 $3,399
P&H Aries 155 $3899 $3,399
P&H Hammer $1799 $1,499
Venture Jura HV & MV $1599 $1,299
Venture Islay (all sizes) 15% off
2014 Jackson Karma (all sizes) $1199 $849
2014 Jackson Fun Runner 60 & 70 $1049 $799
Pyranha Nano Md $1199 $749
Jackson Star $1199 $799

SUP Boards:

Stand On Liquid Native SUP $1399 $849
Stand On Liquid Big Wednesday SUP $1149 $799
Jackson SUPerCharger $799 $399


Saltwood Paddles 15% off
Stohlquist Freeplay Drytops (Women’s & Men’s$349 $199
Stohlquist Descent PFD $230 $149
Kokatat Ronin Pro PFD XXL $235 $99
Immersion Research Royale or Kling-On Sprayskirt $235 $149

Plus, All used and consignment Items 15% off!

Book NOW: Save and WIN! 2015 Programs Promotion!



The team worked tirelessly to get the WHOLE YEAR of programs scheduled on the website!  Want to go kayak camping in the San Juan Islands in September?  Want to try SUP in July?  Book now!

Book any class, trip, or tour for the 2015 year and save 10%!  Complete your bookings before the end of February to get the discount!

When booking, please use promo code getstheworm to see your savings!


For each discounted booking you make, receive one entry to win a $250 Alder Creek gift card!  Winner drawn at random.

This promotion ends February 28th at midnight.  Excludes Lumpy Waters, ACA courses, and BCU/PNA courses.

Get your friends on board!  Remember, the early bird getstheworm!


Thanksgiving DEALS! Be sure to GOBBLE up these savings!

GOBBLE up these Thanksgiving DEALS!  Through Monday, December 1, 2014!

thanksgiving deals

All Thule merchandise is 20% off!

NEW 2014 Jackson Kayaks are 15% off!

NEW 2014 Pyranha Burn IIIs going for$825!

NEW 2014 Pyranha Nanos, only $750!

All Sweet Protection Helmets are 20% off!

thanksgiving deals

NEW Kokatat Rogue dry tops (Men’s and Women’s) for $299!

NEW Werner Powerhouse, bent shaft, fiberglass: $269!

NEW Stand on Liquid Native 12’6″ SUP only $999!

Northwater Dynamic Pro Sea Tow 35′: $79


Don’t forget to check out our USED whitewater kayaks, sea kayaksrecreational kayaks, canoes, and SUP boards!


Got some other gear on your gift/wishlist?
—>  Donate some Food and/or new Toys for the holidays to receive 20% off one item!* <—
*In-stock, full-price items.  Excludes 2015 Jackson Kayaks

Fall DEALS 2014!

Fall Deals

Fall Deals!


Fall Deals 2014!

***Updated December 14, 2014***

Fall Deals

Fall Deals Whitewater

Used/Demo whitewater Kayaks
2014 Pyranha Burn III LG $775
2014 Pyranha Burn III XL $775
2014 Pyranha Shiva LG $775
Jackson Rockstar 2010 SM $325
Jackson Rockstar 2014 MD $575

Used Rec Boats
Kilroy $795
Day Tripper $675
Cruise 12 $599
Cruise 12 $549

Used SUP Boards
Stand On Liquid Sunset 12 $549
Jackson Supercharger $399

Fall Deals

Fall Deals New SUP

New/Floor model SUP’s
Native 12.6  $1099
Big Wednesday$949

Used Sea Kayaks
Hammer $1099
Vortex Blue $1199
Aquanaut LV Poly $950
Jura HV $1099

Used Tandem Sea Kayaks
Whisper XL $1800
Whisper XL $999
Tofino $1750  Kevlar
NDK Triton $1995

Fall Deals

Fall Deals Used Sea Kayak & Recreational

New Gear Specials
 Save 15% on all new 2014 Jackson Kayaks
Stohlquist Descent Rescue PFD $149!!!!!
Sweet Protection Gore-Tex Intergallactic Drysuits 20% off!!!
Kokatat Rogue Gore-Tex Dry Tops 20% off!!!!
Werner  – Play Paddles $125 straight shaft, $175 bent shaft!
2014 new Pyranha kayaks!  – 20% OFF

Fall Deals

Fall Deals Dry Suits and Tops

23rd Annual Fall Sale & Gear Swap for 2014!

September 27th, 2014!  Save the date!  Fall SALE and Gear Swap!


Join Alder Creek for our 23rd Annual Fall Sale & Gear Swap!
Sale goes through October 6th
Jantzen Beach location ONLY!

Fall Sale

Fall Sale

20% off Thule, Helmets, and Drysuits!

15% off Paddles, PFDs, and Accessories!

10% off special orders!*
*Excludes 2015 Jackson Kayaks; get a store credit of 10% instead!

New boats discounted as marked!

 Annual Gear Swap
Grab your dusty paddling gear and barter with the community! On Saturday, September 27, set up in front of the shop and sell or trade your old kit!  The shop opens at 8am, so don’t miss the rush!
(Paddling gear ONLY)


Looking to get some new-to-you gear? We are selling the rental fleet and gear on September 27th.
Open at 8am, come put your name in the hat during an hour of preview! Our high-tech lotto system for selling the rental boats begins pulling names at 9am. Preview deals on boats Friday, the 26th, before the sale, and make your wish list! The sale lasts until October 6th, but don’t miss out!

Bring your friends, but be sure to carpool!
The gear swap takes up most of the parking lot, and street parking is limited!

Gear Swap

Gear Swap!

June Sale Special

Check out the special deals on our June Sale!


June Sale Special

Level Six Bonavista Splashtop

20% off Level Six splash tops!

June Sale Special

Women’s Stohlquist FreePlay Dry Top

Save $100 on Stohlquist FreePlay Drytops Men’s and Women’s!

June Sale Special

MTI Slipstream PFD

20% off all MTI PFDs!

June Sale Special

Stohlquist Rapid Pants

20% off Stohlquist Rapid pants and shorts!

June Sale Special

Immersion Research Royale Sprayskirt

15% off Immersion Research sprayskirts!

June Sale Special

WRSI Current

Red tagged items like WRSI helmets, Stohlquist Descents, & Hyperflex wetsuits!

Sale valid on in-stock, full-price items

Anniversary Sale

Anniversary Sale

Anniversary Sale


Use Code:  acc20   to get get 20% off one full price accessory item.

Use Code: boat15  to get 15% off your boat purchase.

Excluded items include things already on sale, Jackson Kayaks, used and consignment gear.

Current Designs Solara 100 Package:

$549 with MTI Journey PFD & Cannon Escape E Paddle
$599 with NRS Vista PFD & Cannon Escape FX Paddle
$479 for just the boat!

Current Designs Solara 120 Package:
$699 with MTI Journey PFD & Cannon Escape E Paddle
$749 with NRS Vista PFD & Cannon Escape FX Paddle
$639 for just the boat!