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In honor of Labor Day, we’d like to celebrate your “Work Hard, Play Hard” style with some special discounts!


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Choosing The Right PFD For You – Feel Comfortable & Safe

Not sure how to choose the right PFD?  Here’s a simple walk-through to highlight some PFD features and their purposes!


YouTube Preview Image

PNA/BCU Week – Trainings and Assessments

PNA Week 2016 is September 23 to October 6

PNA Week 2016

We offer 1 star to 4 star BCU training and assessments, Foundation Safety & Rescue Training andNavigation and Tidal Planning courses, and are currently the only Whitewater Safety & Rescue Provider in North America.  Many great coaches get their start during our popular coach training and education courses.  We also run PNA “Week” each October where you can combine a number of trainings and assessments over a couple weeks while paddling along the beautiful Oregon rivers and coast.

People choose to pursue BCU training and the Star Awards for a variety of reasons. They include the desire to gauge one’s level of paddling skills, the ability to adequately judge a person’s capacity to take on a given journey and the recognition of the human need to constantly challenge and improve ourselves. Our goal is to provide the tools for long term paddler development. The BCU Star awards: Training, Practice, Assessment and then on to the next level.

Click the banner above, or click HERE to register and view course listings for personal skill development as well as coaching certification!

Waterproof Duffel Bag by Ortlieb

You can add the Ortlieb Waterproof Duffel Bag to your list of gear “needs.”  Rugged, Waterproof, and Versatile, this zippered drybag can be carried like a duffel or worn like a backpack.  I recently used it as a checked bag with all of my paddling and camping gear (60L).  When not being used to keep its contents dry, I’ve been using this duffel to also contain wet and dirty gear.  Replace that Rubbermaid bin with a large duffel that’s easier to carry and won’t break!  Coming in at 3 sizes, 4060110L, this bag won’t fit INside a sea kayak, but it’ll hold a Coleman 2-burner stove wonderfully!  Perfect for SUPs, canoes, sit-on-tops, rafts, IKs, and recreational boats, bring your beach towels, lunches, and cameras with the assuredness that everything will be dry.  Ortlieb Waterproof Duffel Bags, in addition to the rest of Ortlieb’s drybags, come with a 5-year warranty to further put your mind at ease!  Duffel-style entry makes packing and finding gear an ease!

What are you waiting for?  You can buy Ortlieb drybags HERE!

Andrew Romanelli

Ortlieb Waterproof Duffel Bag is perfect for keeping your important gear dry and keeping your wet gear contained!

Ortlieb Waterproof Duffel Bag is perfect for keeping your important gear dry and keeping your wet gear contained!

Kokatat Goretex Knappster

For your warm-weather paddling, the Kokatat Goretex Knappster is a secret weapon against the PNW’s cold water.


From mellow sea kayak touring in the San Juan Islands to Class V creekin on the Green Truss, Kokatat’s Knappster is a versatile, short-sleeve splash top.



Made with Goretex Paclite, the Knappster packs down smaller than a grapefruit and has no zippers or latex gaskets to maintain.  In the San Juans, it hides easily in my day hatch, and on the river, effortlessly rides in the back of the boat or in a small drybag.  As a Goretex product, this splash top breathes only like Goretex can!  Why swim in your own sweat, only to get cold when you stop paddling for lunch?



Short-sleeves helps me stay comfortable with the added bonus of soaking up Vitamin D!  Punch-Through cuffs at the arms and cinch-able neoprene neck keep most of the water out of the top, even when rolling in the surf zone!  Double tunnel lets this top pair with your spray skirt, keeping the cockpit nice and dry.  Throw a pair of Sweet Protection Shambala shorts on for some quick-drying shorts with thin neoprene to keep your bum cozy!


The Kokatat Knappster is my secret summer weapon for paddling in comfort and style in the Pacific Northwest.

Andrew Romanelli

Northwest Creeking Competition 2016

Team Alder Creek made it out in record numbers this year to the 100% volunteer-run Northwest Creeking Competition!  This annual spring event is a blast for whitewater paddlers and spectators.  This two-day celebration of creekin’ typically involves races on Saturday on the East Fork of the Lewis River and a Sunday race nearby on Canyon Creek.



Despite all the rain and snow this winter, river levels were still unseasonably low, and Sunday’s race on Canyon Creek was cancelled.  Most races still ran on Saturday, and Chris, Steve, and Andrew all participated!  Due to a shoulder injury, this was Paul’s first year in 12 that he didn’t race.  The rest of us may not be as fast, but we did our best!  Chris entered in Pro, Andrew entered in Expert, and for Steve’s first year racing, he entered Fun class.  All had pretty good lines, with some room for improvement.  Steve even took 3rd place in Fun class!








In addition to Chris, Steve, and Andrew at the event, Paul was there helping out with his little man, Canyon, and even Brent and Ethan were there!

Photo by Paul Kuthe

Photo by Paul Kuthe

Heckuva weekend camping by the river with Team Alder Creek.



You can bet we’ll be back next year!

Check out this video that Chris Bensch made!

YouTube Preview Image

Want to get involved?  This community event is sponsored by local shops and clubs, and it is run entirely by volunteers!  Not only can you get involved with local clubs, you can work as a volunteer to help make this event run so smoothly!


2016 Spring SALE!

2016 Spring SALE!

Through May 2nd

Spring SALE v1


The 2016 Spring SALE is HERE!
Now’s the time to get your gear for the summer!  Stock up now and SAVE!


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*Excludes Sterling Kayaks.  2016 Jackson Kayaks receive 15% store-credit.


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Stohlquist EZ Paddling Suit  $729  $499

Slingshot Crossbreed 12’6″ $1699  $1199

Jackson 2 Fun  $1199  $1020
Jackson Fun  $1199  $1020
Jackson Rogue 9  $1099  $889
Jackson Karma Small  $1199  $1020

Venture Islay 12  $1099  $949
Hurricane Sojourn 146 LV  $1499  $1249
Current Designs Vision 130 Fiberglass  $2099  $1729

Wenonah Backwater  $2299  $1899

Current Designs Tailfin  $1299  $999
Feel Free Moken 12.5 Angler  $1199  $899
Feel Free Lure 13.5  $1499  $1279
Hurricane Skimmer 140 Deluxe Angler  (lightly used)  $1899  $1249
Hurricane Skimmer 140 Deluxe Angler  $1899  $1699

Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT)

Have you ever signed up for a class, looked at the syllabus and weather report and asked yourself “What did I just set myself up for?” That was my first thought after seeing the forecast and looking at the FSRT syllabus. Thoughts of backing out and hoping for a refund ran through my mind. I’m glad I pushed those thoughts out of my head and stuck with the plan.

On Saturday I, along with 5 other OOPSters and 3 new Alder Creek employees, participated in the FSRT (Foundation Safety and Rescue Training) course taught by Paul Kuthe and Karl Andersson. The weather was much better than expected and these two took that intimidating syllabus I mentioned earlier and turned it into a fantastic day on, and often in, the chilly Columbia River .

We started the day behind the closed doors of Alder Creek tossing throw bags into (more often “at”) the cockpit of a target kayak and then honed our tossing skills after lunch in a parking lot. Lots of laughter here; so many things to learn about simply tossing rope!


On the docks we learned how to save a struggling swimmer and scoop them up in a canoe before taking to the water in a variety of vessels with the intent of falling out to be saved and returned to our boat by someone else in our group.  Learning to empty a canoe across the deck of a sea kayak was a fun part of the day.  So was working out how to swap boats in the middle of the water without anyone getting wet!


The afternoon saw us doing towing practice. We started with races to see who could get to and tow away another paddler the fastest using our tow belts. This progressed to more races using contact tows.

We followed those games with self rescues in the variety of boats Alder Creek provided. Canoe self-rescues certainly was an eye-opener. Just when you think you know how to do things … .


Our day ended with the fabled Hand of God rescue … but from the dock. A kayaker rolled over and we jumped in to pull them upright. Works like a charm. Whew! Talk about trust!!

If you’ve never tried any of the skills described here from anything except your own kayak, you NEED to take this course. More to the point, you WANT to take this course. As Charles Congdon put it in his listserve blast, “Yes, this is a formal class that will make you a better paddler. But it’s also some of the most fun you will have in the water since you were a kid.”

So dang! Now you’re thinking to yourself that you missed the opportunity to get this incredible training … except you haven’t!!!!

If you’re sorry to have missed all the fun this past Saturday, you’re in luck. Alder Creek is going to repeat the fun on April 4th when they’re teaching the FSRT again. So what are you waiting for? Call Alder Creek (503-285-0464), sign up, and get out in the water to play with other paddlers, laugh, and learn something new and useful; something that will help you be a more valuable member of a paddling group. There are still some spots open, and if you hurry you might be able to grab one of them. With your 10% OOPS discount from Alder Creek and after applying for and receiving your reimbursement from OOPS you will only have to pay $90 (General members and inactive Trip Organizers/Instructors) or $45 (active Trip Organizers/Instructors) for this amazing, $125 course taught by two of the best instructors you’re likely to meet.

Many thanks again to Paul, Karl, Alder Creek and all the other hardy participants of the day!

-Karen C.
Oregon Ocean Paddling Society member




For Immediate Release: March 17, 2016

Contact:  Hank Stern (Wyden), 503-326-7539

Nicole L’Esperance (Blumenauer), 202-225-4811


Wyden, Blumenauer Introduce Bill to Open Access to Outdoor Recreation

 Bill Supported by more than 50 Outdoor Industry Groups, Implements Ideas from Oregonians to Remove Barriers to Recreation


Washington, D.C. – Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Earl Blumenauer today introduced legislation to increase outdoor recreation access for visitors and boost rural economies in Oregon and nationwide.


Based on input from Oregonians about how to remove bureaucratic roadblocks to public lands, the Recreation Not Red-Tape (RNR) Act expands outdoor recreation opportunities for all Americans, especially underserved communities such as veterans, seniors and young people, for the first time holds federal agencies accountable for making outdoor recreation a priority and helps maintain America’s public lands.


The bill is based on draft legislation Wyden released last fall and on concerns Wyden and Blumenauer heard during a series of listening sessions they held on a statewide tour of Oregon ’s Seven Wonders last summer to gather ideas about how to open access to outdoor recreation.


“It’s time for fresh recreation policies that cut through the bureaucratic red tape that chokes off opportunities for recreation in Oregon and across the country and clears the path for first-time visitors, fresh economic opportunity and new jobs in rural communities,” Wyden said. “The RNR Act puts to work the creative ideas I heard from Oregonians about how to streamline the process when it comes to opening up access to our great outdoor places.”


“Oregonians love the outdoors – it’s who we are; it’s in our DNA. From the magnificent Columbia River Gorge to lesser known trails and creeks throughout our forests, canyons, and deserts, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by places for hiking, nature-watching, biking, and other activities,” Blumenauer said. “Unfortunately, they’re not always easily accessible. Our legislation changes that, removing burdensome barriers and helping support recreation programs so that people in Oregon and across America can more easily get out to enjoy the great outdoors.”


The “RNR” Act expedites the permitting process for recreation guides and makes it easier for visitors to get recreation use permits by making all park passes available online. The bill also focuses on getting more veterans, seniors and young people outdoors by encouraging all military branches to provide servicemembers and veterans with information about outdoor recreation, encouraging more outdoor recreation and volunteer opportunities for people 55 and older and by making a certain number of free park passes available to low-income schools.


The bill requires the Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to promote recreation when making land and water management decisions. It also directs the federal land management agencies to find new ways to extend recreation seasons in a sustainable way.


The bill helps maintain public lands by encouraging more volunteers to assist with trail maintenance projects and by requiring the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service to choose up to 15 trails for prioritized maintenance.


The bill is supported by more than 50 outdoor industry groups, including the Outdoor Industry Association, American Whitewater and the National Ski Area Association, as well as Oregon-based companies like KEEN and Columbia Sportswear.


Todd Davidson, CEO of Travel Oregon , called the bill a huge win for outdoor enthusiasts and tourism.


“Outdoor recreation is a vital component of the travel and tourism sector, which generates $2.1 trillion in economic output and supports 15 million jobs nationally, with $10.3 billion and more than 101,000 jobs in Oregon alone,”Davidson said. “Senator Wyden and Representative Blumenauer have recognized the important role outdoor recreation plays in the nation’s economy and job creation in largely rural areas, and have worked to enhance its impact through the introduction of this bill.”


The bill would also direct the federal land management agencies to study the full impacts of outdoor recreation on the economy, including how recreation creates job growth, tourism opportunities and boosts local economies.



Read a summary of the bill here.


Listen to audio here:


Sen. Ron Wyden AUDIO


Rep. Earl Blumenauer AUDIO  


Todd Davidson AUDIO

Boathouse Closing Sale

Portland Boathouse Closing Sale





Times are changing and we are growing and changing with them.  Alder Creek is closing the Boathouse location at the end of March.  A combination of factors including a lack of access to the Boathouse dock this summer and in-water environmental clean up project have contributed to this decision. The rest of our store operations will continue unchanged.  We are also adding exciting new locations this summer!

Our Flagship store at 200 NE Tomahawk Island Dr, Portland, OR 97217 is open 7 day a week for sales, rentals and tours.

In addition, we have 4 locations that provide seasonal rentals and tours:  Ridgefield, WA; Browns Ferry Park, Tualatin and our two new spots in Lake Oswego, Oregon – Tryon Cove and George Rogers Park.

The Boathouse location will be closing so Alder Creek can continue to grow and bring the joys of paddling to even more people in around the Portland area and beyond.

Final BH Sale

 Boathouse Sale!


1515 SE Water St, Portland OR 97214

11 am to 5 pm
March 25-27

Everything MUST GO!

Deals so good, we can’t even advertise them!!!

Here is a Press Release of the Boathouse Location closure.


Boats as of March 24:

Jackson Rogue 9
Jackson Rogue 10
Pyranha Burn III Md
Liquid Logic Remix XP10
Jackson Fun Runner 60
Jackson Fun
Jackson Karma Sm
Jackson Karma Md

Slingshot Crossfire 9
Stand On Liquid Sunset 12′
Bic Ace-Tec 10’6″
Bic Ace-Tec 11’6″

Feel Free Moken 12.5
Feel Free Lure 11.5
Jackson Cruise 10
Jackson Cruise 12
Hurricane Skimmer 140
Hurricane Skimmer 140 Tandem

New Wave Marvel 145 Tandem
New Wave Marvel 10
Hurricane Santee Sport 116
Hurricane Santee Sport 120
Hurricane Santee Sport 126
Current Designs Solara 120

Day Touring
P&H Scorpio LV
Hurricane Sojourn 135
Hurricane Sojourn  146
Hurricane Sojourn 146 LV
Jackson Journey 13.5
Jackson Journey 14
Venture Islay 12
Stellar S12 Advantage  (Fiberglass)
Current Designs Vision 120 SP  (Fiberglass)


Spring 2016 – Location Hours

Spring 2016 Hours

Hours for Ridgefield:

Open weekends Only starting April 2nd
Open 7 days a week starting May 30th.
Open Thurs-Sun only starting Sept 3rd through Oct 2nd. Open Labor Day Sept 5th
Open weekends only Oct 8th through Oct 30th


Hours for summer 2016 at Tryon Cove:

Open Memorial Day Weekend Sat & Sun May 28th-29th Plus Memorial Day – May 30th. 10 am to 6 pm (last rentals go out at 4pm)
Open weekends only June. 10 am to 6 pm
Open 7 days a week July 2nd to Aug 28th – 7 days a week 10 am to 8 pm (last rentals go out at 6pm)
Open weekends only Sept 3rd to Oct 3rd – Sat & Sun 10am to 6pm (last rentals go out at 4pm)
Open Labor Day Sept 5th


Hours for George Rogers Park:

Open Memorial Day Weekend Sat & Sun May 28th-29th Plus Memorial Day – May 30th. 10 am to 6 pm (last rentals go out at 4pm)
Open weekends only June. 10 am to 6 pm
Open 7 days a week July 2nd to Aug 28th – 7 days a week 10 am to 8 pm (last rentals go out at 6pm)
Open Labor Day weekend  Sept 3, 4 & 5 – Sat, Sun & Mon 10am to 6pm (last rentals go out at 4pm)

Hours for Tualatin:

Open Weekends only May 7th to June 12th Plus Memorial Day May 30th . 10am to 7pm (last rental at 5pm)
Open 7 days a week June 13th through Sept 5th 10am to 7pm (last rental at 5pm)
Open weekends only Sept 10th-11th, 17th-18th 10am to 7pm (last rental at 5pm)

Hours for Jantzen Beach:

regular summer hours starting April 4th:
Sunday-Thursday  9-6
Friday-Saturday  9-7

Portland Boathouse Location Closing March 31, 2016


Newsletter Alder Creek

Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe is closing the Boathouse Location at 1515 SE Water Ave, Portland Oregon

Portland, March 1, 2016 – After a 12 year run Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe will close the Portland Boathouse location permanently as of March 31, 2016. All other locations to continue unaffected by this closure.

The Alder Creek flagship store at 200 NE Tomahawk Island Dr Portland, OR 97217 and our 4 Rental/Lesson/Tour locations in Ridgefield, WA; Tryon Cove and George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego and Browns Ferry Park in Tualatin continue to operate normally.

“There are two in-water projects that make operating in 2016 a challenge. The dock is being repaired in March and an in-water cleanup project in July & August will keep us off the water and unable to do rentals or tours at this location”  Dave Slover – Owner Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe

“While it’s a bummer to lose such a great spot so close to downtown it’s never been exactly what we needed down there. Inadequate parking, an increase in homeless camps and a long carry to the water are all issues at this location. “  Paul Kuthe – Programs Manager at Alder Creek.

Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe has been in business 30 years in the Portland area.  They continue to be an industry leader and the premiere kayak, canoe & stand up paddle store and paddling school in Oregon.

“Purely Paddlesports since 1986”

For Additional Information: Dave Slover 200 NE Tomahawk Isl DR Portland, OR 97217 503.285.0464

Immersion Research K2 Union Suit

Let me just say that comfort is pretty darn important for anything, and the Immersion Research K2 Union Suit is my new favorite base layer for paddling.  Sure, I wore it like pajamas the day I got it, but it’s even better on the water than on the couch.


Coming from a mid-weight fleece onsie previously, I was skeptical about the warmth of the K2 suit.  It’s thin and light weight, but it’s still cozy warm.  This lightweight Polartec dries fast and insulates efficiently.  No zippers on it translate to less bulk under your suit.

It was about 40*F when I took it for a casual float down the river wearing my K2 suit, wool socks, and an extra mid-weight top.  I was cozy all day without ever raising my heart rate.  (IR’s Lucky Charm sprayskirt also kept my boat bone-dry, which helped, I’m sure, but this is one comfy fleece!)

Climbing in through the neoprene neck/yoke is strange to me, but I don’t notice it climbing into the suit anymore.  Even with wide shoulders, getting in is easy.  Getting out is a little trickier, admittedly.

If you’re in the market for some new base layers, Immersion Research’s K2 products are amazing.  Tops, bottoms, and union suits, K2’s will keep you cozy.

-Andrew Romanelli


Immersion Research Lucky Charm Sprayskirt


I learned something new this year:  Not all sprayskirts are created equally.

For a while now, I’ve wondered why I would buy a $200 sprayskirt when my $100 skirts work just fine.  I’m here to tell you this:  you get what you pay for.

It’s the difference between any roll-top drybag and a Watershed drybag.  It’s the difference between a proprietary, waterproof material and Gore-Tex.  The Immersion Research (IR) sprayskirts are a premium piece of kit, and I didn’t think I could be so excited about a skirt.

I’ve recently purchased the Immersion Research Lucky Charm sprayskirt.  IR bills this skirt as being their most implosion resistant due to the rubber rand.  IR’s “dry” skirt is the Kling-On, a bungeed deck instead of the rubber rand.  That being said, the implosion resisant Lucky Charm is the driest skirt I’ve ever used.  Gone are the days of two inches of water inside my boat (unless I forget my drainplug).

So after two years of hemming and hawing, I made the move and bought the Lucky Charm.  This is my first rubber rand skirt, and it was definitely time to try something new.  I wasn’t just pleased with the skirt, I was floored!

What makes the Lucky Charm so dry?  A lot of it is the “three-fin” style rand.  Each “fin” channels water away, providing 3 lines of defense.  The extended fabric on the deck further helps deflect more water, resulting in the driest ride I’ve ever had.  Add the abrasion resistant nylar tape and you’ve got a dry and durable skirt!  It’s a little cheaper than the Royale, which has kevlar instead of nylar.  Personally, I’m not using my skirt to rassle bears, so the kevlar was a little rich for my taste.


Other upsides:  IR is a company founded, designed, and run by paddlers.  Support local, and support small!  Their customer service is also through the roof!  So patient, informative, and all-around nice, helpful folk.  The new grab loop is easy to grab, even with gloved hands.  It might be a tiny detail, but it’s a big deal!

Downside:  The smallest deck size they currently offer is a large, which is too big for my sea kayak (Valley Nordkapp).  But that’s ok.  Maybe that’ll change in the future.  For now, it’s a strong reminder of how awesome sprayskirts CAN be!

Now I know what #IRdry means, and you should too!

-Andrew Romanelli

P.S.- IR tunnels fit different than, say, Snapdragon or Seals tunnels, and their deck sizes are based on cockpit circumference.  Check out sizing info below
IR sizing

Davenport Paddle Surf Contest 2015


This year Davenport Paddle Surf Contest was one for the record books! I was definitely taken to the edge of conditions I’m willing to surf in…had it not been a competition, I would have just drank a beer on the beach. Let alone the fact I just unwrapped my new surf kayak, which Mat Hoff had spent the whole day prior getting our new boats from customs. The boat was not outfitted for me at all. I couldn’t even get the back band to touch. I made it to the beach half way through the heat and was still able to eek out a 2nd place. The only one’s willing to paddle out for the next heat were Dan Crandall and myself. The surf was large and was building, and the other competitors drank a beer on the beach… As I’m waiting for the heat to begin, Dan paddles up and says “it’s about to get real big (it was already huge) as the tide drops”, that didn’t help any… A little nervous but trusting in my skills, I positioned myself for the waves I wanted to catch. When paddling out in these conditions you have to realize that getting caught on the inside is likely a situation you will face. The wall of whitewater wasn’t so much the intimidating part but the 100′ cliff just 300′ behind me. When in this position you have 3 options, 1-try to catch and surf it in until it’s weaker on the inside (likely take you for a ride…aka rag dolled). 2-roll over right as the wave hits you (duck dive) and then roll up on the back side (won’t work with a 40′ deep foam pile, also rag dolled). 3-Bunny hop, which is what I tried, where you get the nose of the boat up right as the foam pile hits then you get all your weight forward and it launches you up and over the foam pile…this didn’t work…it flipped me over backwards but I was able to right the boat and surf down the foam pile. After trying to break free from the wave 3 or 4 times,  I was finally able to break free about 30′ from the beginning of the rocks. Not only did I survive the heat, I ended up winning the mano-a-mano battle with veteran surfer Dan Crandall. This was my first win in my new surf boat the Ghost from Mega Surf Kayaks. Now time to outfit the boat!
Special thanks to photographers Mark Boyd and Vincent Shay

IC-Heat #1-2nd Heat #2-1st, overall finish 5th place (just missed the final)
HP-Heat #1-2nd Heat #2-3rd

-Chris Bensch