2013 – 21st Annual Spring Paddle Festival (past event)



April 27 & 28

Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe’s
21st Annual Spring Paddle Festival

9am to 4pm

at Vancouver Lake Park
in Vancouver, WA

All clinics on Saturday & Sunday are FREE!  Some clinics have limited space, so sign up when you arrive!

In addition to our vendors, make sure to check out booths from:
Columbia Riverkeeper
Willamette Riverkeeper
Oregon Ocean Paddling Society
Oregon Kayak & Canoe Club
Lower Columbia Canoe Club
Columbia Slough Watershed Council
Oregon Disability Sports
Team River Runner PDX
Vancouver Lake Crew
Double Fifth Dragon Boating

Saturday April 27

-First Strokes: 1-hour intro to kayak & canoe.
offered hourly from 9am to 3pm

-Which Boat is Right for Me?: 20-minute clinic offered all day.

What Floats Your Boat?

Local Paddling Destinations  – Neil Schulman
Fishing by Kayak – Jason Self
Stand Up Paddling – Nikki Gregg on Strokes
Choosing the Perfect Paddle – Jim Miller

Paddling with Kids – Chris Bensch
Inflatable Kayaks: Designs, Benefits & Options – Dave Slover
Car Topping your Kayak, Canoe & SUP – Jeff Gieger

Packing a Kayak for Multi-Day Trips -
Rescue & Re-entries Demonstrations – Karl Andersson

Dream Trips of the Northwest – Neil Schulman
Forward Stroke Clinic – Karl Andersson
Safety and Rescue for Kayak Fisherman – Jason Self
Willamette Watertrail presentation by Willamette Riverkeeper – Kate Ross

Car Topping your Kayak, Canoe & SUP – Jeff Gieger
Stand Up Paddling

Dressing for Conditions – Karl Kohagen
Towing Scenarios – Karl Andersson

Boat Repair in the Field – David Dalbey
Stand Up Paddling 

Choosing the Perfect Paddle – Jim Miller
Fishing by Kayak – Jason Self



Saturday April 27
at the Jantzen Beach shop

The Pitchfork Revolution: Oregon’s Feistiest Bluegrass band!

After the beach on Saturday, join us back at the shop for the Jantzen Beach Jamboree!

Live music courtesy of The Pitchfork Revolution!  These guys are Oregon’s feistiest bluegrass band!  You can check out there Facebook page HERE and their website HERE!

We’ll have the grill going, and there will be a raffle for awesome gear!

Don’t miss the fun!!!


Sunday April 28

-First Strokes: 1-hour intro to kayak & canoe.
offered hourly from 9am to 3pm

-Which Boat is Right for Me?: 20-minute clinic offered all day.
Oregon Disability Sports will have a booth on the north end of the beach.  Stop by and say Hi!  They will be doing paddlesports demos and presentations for disabled veterans and their families.  Check out their schedule HERE!

Edging and Bracing
Kayak Fishing - Isaac Jackson Kayak
10 Essentials of Safety & Repair – David Dalbey

2nd Annual Alder Cup with Portland Kayak Polo
and Kayak Polo Demonstration

Basic Canoeing – Andrew Romanelli
Assisted and Solo Rescue and Recoveries – Malcolm Kelly
Stand Up Paddling – Nikki Gregg – Race technique
Paddling for Women - Cindy Scherrer
Dream Trips of the Pacific Northwest – Neil Schulman

Paddling for Women – Cindy Scherrer
Stand Up Paddling
Towing Scenarios
Trip Leadership Fundamentals (2-hour clinic) – Karl Andersson
Local Paddling Trips – David Dalbey

Stand Up Paddling
Kayak Fishing – Isaac w/Jackson Kayak
Family Paddling -
Packing a Kayak for a Multi-day Tour – Dennis Pennell
Paddle Tour of Vancouver Lake

Paddling in weather: Skegs, Rudders, Trim – Karl Andersson


and on Monday April 29th…
World-class paddler and coach Ben Lawry is staying an extra day to offer two half-day classes!
Take advantage of this limited opportunity!!!
Get more info and sign up HERE!

Ben Lawry wants YOU!


-Core Paddling
at the Jantzen Beach location
This class covers the basics of kayaking. Its goal is to provide a solid ergonomic and efficient set of skills for people to grow through their kayaking career. The subjects covered are correct grip and hand placement on the paddle shaft, check on boat fit and an explanation of terms. Balance, posture and tilting are covered as is correct blade and boat use to guarantee a good foundation to grow from. Strokes covered may include forward and reverse sweeps, pivot turns, reverse stroke, forward stroke and low braces. 

-Forward Stroke
at the Jantzen Beach location

Over 99% of your time is spent paddling forward, yet it is very rarely talked about or taught. This is the introduction to get you set on the correct path for a more enjoyable and efficient paddling career. Efficiency and correct body use are the keys here to keep you paddling for hours at a time with ease and grace. We start with exercises on the ground and work on our form and theory. Then we move to the water and into our kayaks.

Get more info about Ben Lawry’s clinics and sign up HERE!